Hoi An is a famous South-East Asian trading port from the 15th – 19th century. Its house and street reflect the influences, both Vietnamese and Japanese, Chinese that have combined to build this beautiful town. Hoi An ancient town is combined with picturesque ancient house, pagodas, street-side cafes, local food and beauty of countryside. Hoi An is famous with hand-made tailor. You can get anything made from custom made suits to gowns, leather shoes or sundresses. Not only for shopping, Hoi An also makes for a relaxing in An Bang – Cua Dai beach or walking on small street around ancient quarter and tasting Hoi An street food.

Hoi An has no an airport and railway station either. The only way to get there is by land transfer from Hue or neighbor city – Da Nang. You can hire a car from Da nang to Hoi An (Distance Da Nang to Hoi An is 35 km source :http://huracars.com/tour/da-nang-airport-to-hoi-an-transfer/) or private cars transfer to Hoi An from Hue city where does have an airport with daily flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other Vietnamese cities. There is a railway station in Da Nang city as well and car transfer services, bus transfer are plentiful.

ACCOMMODATION: You have a wide selection of hostel, homestay to luxury hotel in both Hoi An Beach and Hoi An Ancient town, whatever suits your style and your budget.

  • Hostel prices:

There are many cheap hostels in Hoi An for about 7 USD/ nite. But typically, you should budget to pay 6 USD per bed. Private rooms start at about 13 – 18 USD for two people. Most of hostels offer free WiFi, Air condition, breakfast and bike for rent.

  • Budget hotel prices:

Hoi An accommodation is cheap here with a night in a budget cost you from 14 USD.  The prices of hotel is low and the hotels are pretty quaint, uniquely charming and real local.

  • Luxury hotel prices:

Hoi an has many beautiful resort with a class service, one of them is recommend on Forbes or TripAdvisor is the best in Asia. These of theme is The Nam Hai – managed by four season group, series hotel of M-gallery, Arco such as: Royal hotel, Palm Garden resort… Private room start from 150 USD/ nite.


Street food starts at 1 USD per dish. Meals in restaurants start at 5 USD and beer for 5 cent a piece.  Travelling in Vietnam and Hoi An as well you must try Vietnamese coffee – Café sua da (coffee with milk), which will cost you 1 – 2 USD/ cup.


Everywhere in Hoi An center is within walking distance so you just pay less for bike or car, you have just need for transfer between long distance.

If you stay in ancient quarter, choosing rent a bike for 2 USD/ day or 5 USD for a motorbike/ day, Hoi An isn’t very traffic so it’s a good place to ride around. You should chose private car transfer from Hoi An to Hue, My Son or Hoi An to Da Nang airport

Suggested daily budget is 40 – 60 USD. Please note that: This is a suggested budget if you stay in a hostel or cheap hotel, eating all the street food and using private car. If you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!


Join cooking class: Hoi An famous with Vietnamese food and Hoi An special food, why don’t you join a cooking course and cook for your family when come back home?

Diving in Cham Island: If you travel Hoi An in summer time Apr – Sep, you should heading to Cham Island by speed boat and diving with Coral company, this is unique company offer diving with oxygen. Or camping with your friend overnight here is best idea to blend to local people and taste fresh sea food.

Making tailor: There are hundreds – thousands of tailor shop in Hoi An. Don’t believe on TripAdvisor, all of theme is written by their friends, they just have shown room, when you agree with price and form, your clothes is make by other. You have should find some shop to find best price.

No need local sim card: Almost of city in Vietnam is highly connected to Wi-Fi and free wifi at your hotel, restaurant, bar, café shop for free! Remember leave your phone, leave your job behind and save memory by camera and your mind. Wifi or 3g is just use for google map J

Eat at street vendor – there are some of the cheapest food you can find at local market and street vendor, a dish will cost you 1 – 2 USD.  There are a variety of meals to choose from and places to eat. Enjoy everything from Vietnamese donuts, banh mi to sweet soups and good with more substance.

Renting a bicycle: Bikes can be rented for 2 USD per day.  It is good idea for leisurely explore town and countryside:

Drink in coffee shop in old quarter: A lot of bars, cafes, restaurants near your hotel or around Hoi An Japanese Bridge, you can chose best place to sit down and see local life. The Drink or food will be only a little more expensive than if you eat in hotel, but I make sure that it’s more delicious.

Rent a private car to Hue: The high light on my trip in Vietnam is driving via Hai Van pass. The Hai Van pass road is made famous in a Vietnam Top Gear special. You feel how wonderful is when your car driver through the clouds, and sometime see blue ocean on the bottom of mountain.