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Walking the Camino de Santiago – Podcast

We chat to artist Perry Taylor who walked 900km of the Camino, from France to Spain, in six weeks. Famous for his humorous drawings of life in France, he put down his paintbrush and pens and walked the equivalent of a marathon every day for weeks on end despite extreme heat and painful blisters. Along the route he  made new friends and says he couldn’t help but weep over the stories of some of the people he met walking the pilgrims route.

In the end, and unexpectedly, for Perry it was a profound and life-changing journey. Something he hadn’t expected at all when he decided pretty much on a whim to join a friend. He shares his experiences, the reality of this long walk and how it changed him as a person. He realised, he says, that this time of contemplation, of pushing himself, of being away from the daily stresses of life led him to realise that what we think is important, often isn’t. When he went home, he felt he was a different person. Determined to focus more on that really matters – not the destination but the journey. And Perry also gives advice for anyone planning to walk the pilgrims route.

Plus in our regular Q&A section, a listener asks when does ‘bonjour’ become ‘bonsoir’?! Does everyone in France have a different opinion – it can certainly feel like it! Find out more…

You can find out more about Perry’s art here: perrytalor.fr

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We’ve got some fabulous guests lined up for you including Dick and Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau.

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