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I’m astounded to find that it’s almost the end of summer. How did that happen? I feel like it’s gone by in such a whirl this year, perhaps because I didn’t take a break. It’s been that sort of year for me. What with writing a book and getting it published which takes time, and I’ve been busy drafting another book – though I have heaps to do to it still.

Then there was the arrival of tons of ducklings which, sweet as they are, take up many hours with cleaning, feeding and TLC.

My poor cat Ginger Roger used up his 9 lives and two days later his place was taken by Fat Cat who just arrived and refused to leave. She can’t possibly be a real stray she’s far too well fed but she seems determined to live with the other five cats who chose me. Six cats – I must be bonkers. They all want cuddles and treats.

The dogs have been as good as they can be which in the case of Frank Bruno is not very good. He is special and needs a lot of attention. He had a horrible start to life, abandoned and abused, and there are emotional scars. He’s not keen on strangers for a start but when he loves someone he’s loyal and loving and fairly obedient though if it’s a choice between saving a loved one or eating a biscuit, the biscuit will win every time.

I’ve been working on the autumn issue of The Good Life France magazine and its nearly ready and I’m utterly thrilled with it. I’ve had help from a hugely talented graphics designer called Kumiko who’s helped to make this issue look amazing. And I’ve been joined by a masterful writer who will be contributing a short story for each issue of the magazine. She makes me laugh out loud when I read her tales about life in Paris. Her name is Colette O’Connor and I know that you are going to love her writing too.

I’ve also been helping out with ongoing renovation on the house which was temporarily cut short when a freak storm hit my village and created a fair bit of damage. It’s never happened before, it’s unlikely to happen again but it’s caused a delay so I just have to roll up my sleeves, pull on my rigger boots and get on with it.

I hope that your summer has been relaxing and fun and you’re ready for autumn. I feel like in my part of France autumn is already stretching its fingers out – ready to paint the leaves glowing colours and to make the apples fall off the trees. I’ve been working on tons of features to inspire your autumn visits and day dreams of France so watch this space!

Bisous from France,

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ps photo is of a cheese course I was served at a restaurant in lovely Essoyes where the painter Renoir used to live in Champagne – how tempting is that?!

pps – my book “My Good Life in France” came out yesterday in America and it’s become a No. 1 Hot New Release in its genre – thank you so much to all who have released their inner Francophile and bought it xx

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