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Festival of Lights, Fete des Lumieres

Festival of Lights Lyon

  The famed Festival of lights (Fête des Lumières) is the biggest and best known event in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes region, France. This amazing festival dates …

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Venetian Carnival

French Style: Venetian Carnival Costumes in France

Thierry Quique is a man with a rather beautiful obsession – the Venetian Carnival. In 2010, whilst Thierry was out walking with a friend in …

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Auvergne is one of the least populated regions in France.   It is a region of volcanic plateaus and large valleys, mountain ranges and huge craters. …

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Puy Lentils from the Auvergne region

For a recipe from Auvergne it couldn’t really be anything but Puy lentils really could it? The tiny lentille du Puy is both a common …

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Regional dishes of Auvergne

  The regional dishes of Auvergne tend to be simple, rustic food, nothing fancy just hearty tasty fare. The region is famous for its Charolais …

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