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Auburn University 2021 Rankings

Take a look at the different rantings that we have received for showcasing excellence in the field of academics. 

#97 National Universities

As a National University, Auburn has always stood up to provide a stable career for its students, and that stands to be visible from its top rank.

#63 Best Colleges for Veterans

With the combined effort and the different tasks that we have put into the picture, Auburn has managed to become a top college for Veterans.

#61 Best Undergraduate Teaching

Receive the right kind of training and coaching as our program for undergrads tends to help you get all that you need.

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world-class infrastructure

Providing the right kind of resources and various other aspects that always brighten up your future and help you reach new heights.


Academic Calender

A systematic and classic academic pattern that talks about the whole year and how one needs to go about doing it.


Global Presence

As a university that is always on top, a global presence is a part of the picture, and we move ahead to get it all done for the better.


central campus

A campus that lies at the heart of creation and success is the right one where you need to spend your time and grow. 


“It has always been a good experience to know more about this institution and explore all that they have to offer.”

Frances M Jones

“Creating a proper path for the future requires the right kind of institutions, and with years of experience, I can happily classify Auburn to be one among them.”

Larry P Caldwell

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A Brief History of Auburn University

A Brief History of Auburn University

Students on the onset of a career-defining decision will consider multiple options to narrow down to the best university or program, providing them with the best avenue to tackle the challenges in a profession they like to pursue. Auburn University is one of the world’s prestigious universities, adding more legends to the long list of scientists and theorists. It is a public research university in Alabama with more than 25,000 undergraduate students, making it the second-largest university in the state. If you are planning to pursue any program offered at Auburn University, you must consider learning more about it. Understanding the history will help introduce you to the academic world within those massive walls. Let us take a tour through the history of Auburn University.

More About the Auburn University

Auburn University

The Alabama Legislature chartered the institution in 1856, and it was guided by the Methodist Church from 1859. Reverend William J. Sasnett was the first president of the university right from the school opened in 1859, and the first batch had only eighty students and a faculty of ten. Most people are unaware of the connection of Auburn with the Civil War and the Reconstruction-era South. The college was closed during the war, but classes were held in “Old Main.” But all classes were suspended later, turning the campus into a training ground and “Old Main” into a hospital for the wounded in the Army.

After the Civil War had ended, the school reopened in 1866. That was the only closure for the college, and since then, the institution has been working without breaks. The State of Alabama took over the control of the institution from the Methodist Church. Upon this transfer of property, an Act was passed to provide the school with 240,000 acres of Federal land for a mechanical and an agricultural college. All the land-grant institutions under the provision of the act were supposed to teach military tactics. Officers were also trained on these grounds. Most students in the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama were a part of the cadet program by the late 19th century. Two cadets had to be nominated from every county in the state.


Although the original curriculum focused on agriculture and engineering, the trend followed a different pattern when William Leroy Broun started teaching classics and sciences. In 1982, football was being played, and women were admitted to the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. Polo was the main sport on campus, gradually superseded by football. Almost all the non-disabled male students of the Polytechnic Institute joined the Army, but their careers were short-lived. A lot of other groups were sent out for training in radio and mechanics.

It was in 1960 that the university was granted the required status by the Alabama Legislature. All of this was followed by the renaming of the school to Auburn University.

How College Students Manage Coronavirus Stress

How College Students Manage Coronavirus Stress

The year 2020 will be remembered for many reasons, but the first term evoking a sense of fear and uncertainty would be “pandemic.” Since this experience was something new for the people, not everyone was able to equip themselves with the essential features for an unconventional battle. The Coronavirus affects the respiratory system of humans, and the panic went on to spread globally as soon as the lockdown was announced. All of it was as unprecedented as it could get, infusing the days with a sinister effect.

Every touch was associated with the virus, and the preventive measures were also new to some parts of the world. People have felt the impact of the virus in some way over the last year, and the students have been on the receiving end for quite some time now. College students found it exceptionally hard to adapt to the changing conditions to make a new approach towards learning. The pandemic only kept adding to the stress, leaving the students in a dark space with mental health issues and physical confinement. Let us look at the effect of the Coronavirus on college students.

Students and Coronavirus Stress

Students and Coronavirus Stress

It is undeniable that the phase was difficult to overcome, but many individuals have managed to come out of it with ideas to make a fortune. However, college students have had to go through a toiling couple of months with the pandemic affecting their bodies and minds. According to a study, every two of ten students experienced a decline in mental health stability. As it significantly worsened, the impact was seeping through the environment to even affect the people around them. Experts are yet to understand the full extent of the impact, but, according to their current research, some students could be at high risk.

Coronavirus Stress

People with PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, and depression have been increasing, leading to more stress in life. Chronic disorders are among the most common problems occurring in the twenties, and the pandemic has only triggered more of it. While medical applications have been expanding over the months to focus on the treatment of Coronavirus, the students are battling bigger issues. Since most people are simply adjusting to these new conditions, you cannot expect the people to achieve great feats in such times. They are only trying to survive this period. Everything from the classes to internships and job prospects lies farther away from the reach of many students now. With uncertainty lingering in the air, none of these is exuding a sense of optimism. Although things have changed to the end of 2020, normalcy is not coming back any time soon.

Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Student health centers are functioning in many countries, and they are offering counseling and psychological services to keep the students on the safer side of mental health. Telehealth is also being used by the students to find solutions to the current issues. Many forms of entertainment are also helping them focus on more than just studies.

University Subject Rankings: Top Ten Most Viewed Subjects

University Subject Rankings: Top Ten Most Viewed Subjects

Education has become the most important thing in life in order to develop oneself into a better person and professional to make a living in all ethical ways. It is crucial for you to understand the need for communities with real and practical goals. However, dreams that may seem unattainable should also be fostered so that the world gets to experience every luxury. When coming back to the educational standards, every country has been trying to improve their infrastructure to nurture souls for a better tomorrow. Universities don’t always emerge into the top positions because of the limitations in the quality of education and other features. However, some schools have fared well in the game to provide the students with the best avenue to a great life. Let us look at the subjects that have been ranked as the best in various universities.

1. Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

Five major branches are covered by the engineering and technology subject. Of all these, computer science has grown into the one under the highest demand. It has become the most popular subject over the past few years, followed by Chemical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Since all these branches have dominance across all sectors in the market, the various applications are only giving rise to better opportunities.

2. Computer Science and Information Systems

Information Systems

The next most popular subject is computer science and information systems. It has been the most fastest-growing subject all across the globe. Anyone who wants to work in the domain of technology and has the potential to lend the world a new outlook, this is a program you can opt for. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is at the top of the list of universities offering this subject.

3. Business and Management Studies

 Management Studies

It comes as no surprise to find this subject on this list because thousands of students are being enrolled for various courses in business management. The core element of this program is the part that focuses on entrepreneurial skills, which is required not only when you run your own business but also when you are managing one for someone else. Multiple options are available in the top universities, and Harvard is on the top, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Many areas such as marketing and business analytics, finance, and management are covered in the course under discussion. Check for the rankings of the universities offering the program you want to pursue.

4. Medicine


We all knew this was coming next. Business and engineering are areas that are always under demand, and so is medicine. Since it has been expanding over to multiple levels, the world has been providing people with more options to improve their skills for medical interventions. Oxford and Cambridge are two of the best universities offering medicine.

What is the role of universities in global development?

What is the role of universities in global development?

High-rise buildings and opulence don’t define the progress of a country; it is the development of the brains that build a state for better power. Many things contribute to the big picture of a region’s growth, and education plays an important role. We cannot gloss over the potential of the schools to shape a generation of infinite talent. It needs to be tapped into in order to have the country as the experts and scientists have envisioned. People who have researched the scope of the various programs and the students have found the upcoming generations to have better options and opportunities to make the world more energy-efficient and active.

With the increase in the global society’s complexity, the demand for new design and infrastructure is also shooting up. One of the most powerful drivers of economic development and innovation is the universities. Ground-breaking models are being created in many parts of the world through famous schools to ensure effective evolution. Let us look at why universities are imperative to the overall global development.

Unique Global Institution

Unique Global Institution

Unlike many other institutions in a country, the universities are enduring. If they have been designed with diligence and support from expert teams, the universities turn out to become one of the unique entities of a state. Since they are powerhouses of passion and creativity, more ideas are brought to the table for promotion. With the assembly of talent, a university transcends the limitations to soar high in the field of technology. Young individuals who are likely to contribute to society and the economy are being nurtured with the right information. The problem-solving skills they gain over time will help the country advance in many areas.

Adaptation of the Universities

Adaptation of the Universities

A culture of academic enterprise is being fostered as the universities are built through the existing societal issues and limitations. Higher education is ensured to millions of students in the universities, and this huge scale can later be translated into the power of a nation. Status is bestowed upon these universities based on the outcomes achieved at various stages. This will help develop the state like the common people wouldn’t have imagined.

The Socio-Economic Climate Matters

Socio-Economic Climate Matters

When the universities are willing to embrace the various setting to imbibe the culture, direct engagement will lead to the transformation of the state. It will lead to the development of the country. As universities start focusing on the individual rather than the whole nation, the lessons will shape a group of professionals. With the unique environments provided to the students, the universities will find their firm ground. Exchange of students with other countries is also a great scheme where the sharing of ideas and cultures will help the whole world nurture themselves to be less myopic and more open to options.

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